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We're very much looking forward to welcoming Holly Davis who'll be joining us for our first ever cooking demo at the canteen in July. Read more about what Holly has in store to follow.

Capturing Cultures at Rochelle Canteen

Wednesday 9 July 2014, 6-9pm, £85

Delicious probiotic foods are fun, easy and inexpensive to produce at home. They add colour, texture and crunch to a meal and support our immune and digestive systems beautifully. The current popularity of these foods is a revival of skills which were once ubiquitous. Join us at Rochelle Canteen in Shoreditch for a hands on class and a delicious dinner. You will leave with a good understanding of the what, why and how of basic fermentation and your own jar of vegetables to take home and watch ferment. The class will end with a simple and delicious long table dinner, featuring local sustainable produce and a range of ferments to sample.

Class includes: Comprehensive tuition and notes. laughter, information and recipes. A range of different cultured vegetables to try and a jar of vegetables ready to ferment. Dinner and a glass of wine.

To book call 020 7729 5667 or email

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